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19 Things I Learned in 2013

It’s the end of the year. A time to reflect on all 364 days that have led up to this very day.

It’s sad to think about how quickly the years pass as you get older. It forces you to see things through a different lens. To slow down the things you can control.

Life is short and how you spend life’s moments should be intentional and filled with happiness.

Reflecting back I can’t help but visualize an emotional roller coaster

Self Growth—So What’s Next?

We believed a lie. We’ve been told life is about us. That if we work hard enough, save enough money, and buy enough stuff, we will eventually be happy. Many of us have done just that, and we are anything but happy. Now, like my friend Jimmy, we are left wondering what to believe. We know something is missing, we just don’t know what it is.

Jeff Goins, Wrecked

Up until the self realization I experienced about six months ago, while reading Jeff Goins most recent book The In-Between, I believed that living life this way would eventually lead me to happiness.

You Get What You Expect — Or Do You?

“You Get What You Expect”

I have this quote written on the backside of a business card that hangs on my monitor at work. I can’t remember exactly what caused me to write this down. It obviously struck a chord and moved me enough to do so.

Each morning I get into the office and I read these cards (I have several quotes on cards hanging on my monitor that I reference each morning). On this one particular morning I questioned the quote “You Get What You Expect”.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Saying Yes

When my son was only a few months old, I made a vow to myself that I would learn, and have the courage, to say no to things.

Up until that point I thoroughly enjoyed saying yes because I love doing the work. I was constantly on the go. Networking, building, creating, being involved with various groups and committees.

It’s something that’s very fulfilling for me. I enjoy meeting new, inspiring, high-energy, people. I like starting and building new projects.