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Engagement vs Entertainment

The In-Between moments are what define, and makeup, your life.

The in-between moments are the moments where you are waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store, the moments where you are waiting for (or rushing to) that next big promotion, or the moments where you are waiting to find that true passion you know you have to be able to live out your life’s mission.

These moments, these small in-between moments, are the words that write your story, they are the experiences that you will forever cherish and they are the legacy that you’ll leave behind.

When you grasp the impact the in-between moments have on your life, it’s then a matter of embracing those moments. Tweet this

Tiny Moments of Gratitude

Journaling is a habit that I am working to form consistently. A habit that becomes woven into my daily existence.

There’s this shift that occurs inside of you the moment your pen hits the paper or your fingers start poking at a keyboard. It’s a moment in which your ability to process your thoughts becomes clearer.

Journaling clears your mind leaving space to pursue things with more focus and tenacity

Why I Write and Why You Should Start

Writing is the action that supports my commitment of intentional self growth.

In order for change to occur, there needs to be a trigger that goes off inside of you. The will and desire to change has to surface.

My personal discovery was a simple shift in mindset. Being able to see my current situations through a different, more positive, lens and learning how to be fully present in the moment.

A shift in mindset is the foundation to self growth and change. Tweet this

Be Who You Are

If no one were around to tell you not to, what other topics, events, and ideas would you write about? What would you sing, create, or build? What is your voice trying to tell you that you haven’t tuned into and started writing about?

These questions were posed from one writer to a group of writers, but I find it rather interesting far beyond a writer’s perspective.

We are so easily influenced we are false living