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5 Ways To Go From Reacting to Responding

When I look back to this journey I’ve committed to thus far, it’s a series of hills and valleys. There are ups and downs, it’s part of the commitment and process of self growth.

The valleys are where we learn the most, it’s that moment in which we begin to trek upward we begin to see change. Tweet this

When I reflect back on the way I react to things I’ve recently began to notice myself slide back down the hill. Nothing compared to where I was prior to this journey; but I’m noticing it.

It’s during these moments of noticing the downward pull that I begin to be intentional about my actions and become more self aware.

Simply put, I need to do a better job of responding instead of reacting.

Transformation In The Darkest Moments

I had the great privilege of sharing some of my journey with The Gift of Writing tribe and the founder Claire De Boer last week.

Claire does an amazing job in spreading the message that everyone’s story matters and how writing sheds light into what that story truly is and provides a path to who you really are.

Be sure to check out Claire’s great work and head on over to The Gift of Writing.

Below is an excerpt from my guest post, read the post at its entirety here.

…We pondered for several weeks.

We thought about what others would think of us. We thought about how we failed with each other. We thought about how we let our son down…

This was one of the hardest decisions we would ever make. I faced a lot of fears during those conversations. I had to accept a lot of things. Failure was one.

Up until this point in my life I would always suffocate those feelings so I wouldn’t have to own or accept them. I didn’t want to be seen as weak.

Continue reading here.

Find Your Place To Communicate

Life seems to move pretty fast. Throw in an, almost, two year old boy, yellow lab and all of the daily to-do’s leaves little time to communicate with your significant other.

Communication is the foundation to a deeply connected and rooted relationship

When you have a family, a job, dinner, laundry, family outings, whatever it is, communication with your partner is typically the one thing that gets tossed to the side.

During the first half of last year my wife and I’s communication, which we’ve been so strong with in the past, took a beating. It began to suffer.