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3 Secrets to Rewriting Your Past

This was a guest post originally published on Pick The Brain.

We each are traveling our own paths, some experience a personal discovery, or revelation, early on in life while others are much later. Sometimes maybe not at all.

The path we have traveled thus far was traveled for a reason and the change you desire to have is actually waiting for you.

This I wholeheartedly believe in, though, I can only say that now, I wouldn’t have agreed with this one year ago. I saw things differently then.

We Are Given

We aren’t given patience. We are given the opportunity to be patient.
We aren’t given courage. We are given the opportunity to be courageous.
We aren’t given happiness. We are given the opportunity to be happy.
We aren’t given bravery. We are given the opportunity to be brave.
We aren’t given trust. We are given the opportunity to be trustworthy.

Here’s an exercise

Self Simplicity

We have lost contact with reality, the simplicity of life. —Paulo Coelho Tweet this

Part of the journey of intentional self growth is becoming familiar with self simplicity. It’s a process of getting good at being simple.

In fact, I might go so far to say that self simplicity should have its finger in everything we do while traveling this journey. I do believe that it is a core ingredient to laying the foundation of self care.

I recently came across a tweet that our homes are 80% larger than they were a few decades ago, but yet, a large portion of those same homes pay for additional storage units.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

This paints a picture to physical things, but sheds light on what our society craves; more, more, more. Thinking that more is what leads to fulfillment and happiness.

Here are four areas in which you can apply self simplicity into your life to live more abundantly:

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is something we all face. Whether it’s at work with our colleagues or at home with our significant other. 

I have always been the very short tempered, stubborn to think differently, wanting to be right type of person when it comes to conflict. I would get all tense inside and my chest would start beating faster.

If conflict is something that is inevitable, I needed to think about conflict differently. I really needed to reflect on how I approach conflict.

Here are three mindsets to intentionally think about for approaching conflict resolution: