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I am Flawed

Four months ago I stumbled across Joshua Becker’s post titled The Freedom of Authenticity (And 7 of My Biggest Flaws). Upon reading it I felt a connection of deep truth; his, and my own. A truth within me, of my greatest flaws, and a sense of belonging; that it was okay to share.

My fears of perceptions got in the way of voicing my truth

Part of this journey of self growth is being honest with yourself and with others. It’s being vulnerable to the core of how you feel, not how you think you feel, but allowing your feelings to speak through the written word; without judgement.

This journey of intentional self growth is about letting go. But that doesn’t make it any easier to share.

Calming the Frenzy

Last week had me in a frenzy.

It was a week no different than any other. In fact, I received some beautiful words and feedback from readers about the Unless You Care project.

The purpose and mission of this space is to nudge and poke to initiate some kind of ripple within you. To see, maybe even for an instance, through a new lens or to offer a new perspective.

That’s the goal and it was so encouraging and exciting to receive those emails from readers. For that, and for you, I am truly grateful.

During this same time frame, however, I felt as though I was being pulled in all sorts of directions.

The realization at the end of the week was that I couldn’t point a finger at anyone, or anything, other than myself.

The Need to Escape

Sometimes we do things to escape the stress and busyness of our everyday lives. Things like running, reading, exercising, meditating, going for long walks on nature trails, etc.

Things that take our minds off of the tension that is currently weighing us down.

Everyone has their own preferred way of escaping. My true escape is going for a long walk in the woods, alone. But, we do these things sparingly, when there’s time for it.

What if doing these things isn’t an escape at all, but instead a connection?

Invite People In

Over the past two weeks there has been one recurring theme that keeps surfacing.

It’s so simple, but yet the most fearful.

It’s this; invite other people into your art.

This was the fear I had, inviting people to this blog (it still is), the people closest to me, family and friends.

I was fearful of what they might think of my truth and how they might see me differently because of the internal change that has occurred. The transformation I experienced and the vulnerabilities I am exposing.