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Lack of Integrity

Inwardly they begin to change but to keep the peace play an outward role. This, by nature, is a lack of integrity (the inner self integrated with the outer self) and will be the end of you. Healthy people are integrated and unhealthy people are not. Donald Miller, Storyline Blog

Reading this brought about the reality in where I am with this journey.

It’s funny, when you listen closely, you find at times there’s a recurring theme that speaks to you from various sources in a short period of time.

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Two years ago my life was an emotional roller coaster.

I was challenging myself to always do more, to wear more hats, to climb the corporate ladder faster, to be involved in more; thinking I could handle the demands. All of these areas were tugging at me from different sides.

I was focusing on, and seeking, the wrong things. I was living in the past and looking to transform the future all while glossing over the moment that matter most, the present.

There was no purpose for my daily motions, nor quest. I was living in the confides of what society had built trying not to bump up against the walls of the path laid out for me.