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A Fear for My Son

I am a father of a four year old boy (and a one year old daughter). My biggest fear for him is that he will not become successful.

Not in the sense of how society has coined the word, but in the sense of being a human being. Living a happy, joyful and healthy life.

My fear is that I am not paving a path or laying a foundation for him to live and be his authentic self, regardless of his surroundings. This, for me, is the definition of success. To be human, how we were intended to be.

The Depth of Marriage

Marriage is this tricky thing. It starts off with intense passion for one another. There’s this gravitational pull towards each other that’s hard to explain. It’s that balanced fire or spark that attracted you to one another in the first place.

It’s easy to coast on that foundational passion. However, if you coast, your marriage derails.

A healthy marriage stems from how you approach the valleys and hardships that surface along the way. It’s what you do when things are going good that allow you to overcome those frictions when things aren’t going well.

Three Words

With the new year upon us we look to the coming months in what we want to accomplish. We dissect the areas in our life in which we want to see growth in. We envision our future self in who and where we want to be, how we want to look, and the things we want to have.

So we set ourselves personal goals for the year. We call them resolutions, the new year being a point in time for us to establish new habits.

I was recently asked if I believed in setting personal goals. I said no.