Accept What Is

Flap your wings—which translates as “let go of the story”—and return to the only place of power: the present moment. – Eckhart Tolle

The voice in our head tends to control our every move. It’s called the ego. It’s this living breathing thing that looks to you to feed it. The ego is able to survive by living through your actions.

Because of this your life becomes that of the ego. Your version of reality is the ego, thus the introduction to your unhappiness.

This unhappiness becomes the root of your day. It seeps into everything that you do; everything that you say, feel, and think about. It’s the lens in how you now see the world.

Resisting unhappiness creates further suffering. It strengthens the ego. Tweet this

All of the negative self talk, sudden overreactions, short tempers, worrying about trivial things, the story we tell ourselves — unhappiness — stems from the ego.

The reality is, it’s not you.

The ego’s main purpose is to blur your vision for which reality is reality. Tweet this

Painful experiences from the past may cause you to be unhappy today, maybe it’s from resentment, but it’s through the ego that they still exist. The ego keeps that negative energy burning.

To release yourself from the shackles of the ego and your unhappiness, you need to find out whether it is possible for you to allow those feelings to even be there. In other words, as Eckhart Tolle puts it, if you don’t mind being unhappy, what happens to the unhappiness?


This is part of being awakened.

When you accept those feelings a space creates around your unhappiness. This space derives from accepting whatever you are experiencing in the present moment.

You still feel unhappy, but it doesn’t matter as much. The space you’ve created is awareness, the very thing that’s needed to weaken the ego.

As this space widens and grows your awareness muscle begins to strengthen. You begin to see how you were attaching yourself to the emotions stemming from the ego.

The moment you stop identifying yourself with the feeling and stop resisting unhappiness, the ego struggles to control your thinking. Suffering begins to dissipate.

The story about yourself begins to shift from The Unhappy Me to Me.

Accept what is

As I’ve been traveling this journey of intentional self growth for over a year I’ve learned to recognize this pattern, or process, of the ego. Sometimes it lingers on for weeks while other times it’s a matter of minutes.

Committing to this journey instills the habits of exercising the muscles that creates this space. Knowing what it feels like, and having the awareness within this space when the ego shows it’s face again, you can step back, acknowledge what’s taking place and accept the feelings for as they are, and detach yourself from them.

You are now equipped to know what the truth and reality feels like. This is such a beautiful and profound experience.

The next time you react to something, to someone or even yourself, pause and tell yourself, “that wasn’t me, that was the ego.”

This acceptance initiates the creation into awareness. The fire, or pain, deep inside of you that ignited that reaction begins to loosen. It’s no longer trapped feeding the ego. There’s space to breathe and feel lighter.

It’s space to just Be.

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