The Atmosphere of Growth

Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing. — William Butler

Reflecting on the past two years of this journey, it’s been up and down. Currently, I am in the trough a bit. I’m not as happy as I was earlier this year and I know that’s because my growth has slowed.

Happiness doesn’t come from goal attainment, but rather, growth; the process in which we strive towards goals. Tweet this

We try to come up with this definition of what happiness is or is not. We spend so much of our time trying to find it or obtain it when in fact it cannot be pursued. Happiness ensues.

But yet, we travel the journey in pursuit of it.

It’s like a foggy day.

Often times when we set out to try and find it is when the clarity of it begins do dissipate. The space between self and happiness, doesn’t necessarily grow further apart, but just becomes harder to see, or feel.

The fog are the layers that we build on top of one another that remove us from our true selves. Things like letting our head chatter dictate our path, worrying about the trivial things in life, not letting go of the past, stressing about the future, always rushing to the next thing.

The list goes on.

The moment when we choose ourselves, to take care of ourselves holistically, is when the fog begins to lift. Clarity ensues and happiness beams its rays.

The thing to remember is that happiness is a by-product, not the product. Tweet this

When you choose yourself and commit to a journey of intentional self growth, the process of your daily actions, the clarity, is the growth. From growth comes happiness.

Lately, I haven’t been entirely devoted to an intentional journey.

The actions I cherish deeply that support this journey, have been slipping through my fingers. One-by-one I am rebuilding those blocks that had established the foundation. One-by-one it’s getting back in the groove of self care.

This very process, trekking up from the valley, is growth.

I can pinpoint when I am most happy, it’s when I am most committed to this journey and the intentional actions that support it. It’s when I am growing.

It’s the process of self growth. It’s not the process of happiness. Tweet this

Within this atmosphere lies happiness.

Thus implies the atmosphere of growth.

I feel as though part of this project’s mission is communicating the non complexity, providing clarity into joy and true happiness.

We think that in order to be happy we must solve this complex puzzle. In reality, it’s simple, take care of yourself first so you can give your best self to others. To make a difference in something much larger than just you. To serve.

We try to find happiness in things, accumulation, possessions, wealth, but yet, those destinations are merely dissatisfaction. We arrive to the same place we started.

The process, the journey, is the destination.

When the journey becomes about self growth, giving and serving, happiness ensues.

But first, the pursuit of this journey cannot be accompanied with a mindset of having the destination be happiness. You may think to yourself that the pursuit is not for happiness, but the real compass is your heart, your soul.

When your heart and soul jive with your thoughts, then you are able to set sail on this journey of intentional self growth. Along the way, the process, you just may feel and be happy.

Trust the process.

Photo Credit: Lotus Carroll

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