Be Who You Are

If no one were around to tell you not to, what other topics, events, and ideas would you write about? What would you sing, create, or build? What is your voice trying to tell you that you haven’t tuned into and started writing about?

These questions were posed from one writer to a group of writers, but I find it rather interesting far beyond a writer’s perspective.

We are so easily influenced we are false living

I feel like we are so easily influenced by everything and everyone around us we end up living within those influential realms; preventing you from living the life of you.

We often, more times than we probably realize, base our decisions on what other people might think.

I am guilty of this. It took me a while to admit this and be honest with myself about it. Though, since then, I’ve learned to be more aware of it; accepting the thought and then eliminating the influential power it might have.

Whether it’s at the forefront of our decision making or not, it has an influence. This all leads to perception; what other people might think and say about us.

Why do we let what other people think about us affect our daily lives? Why do we let other people’s perception on us dictate our daily and life decisions?

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. – Dr. Seuss  Tweet this quote

Be who you are and stay true to that person

What would you be doing if you weren’t concerned about how other people might think of you?

What voices inside of you are you tuning out because you’ve always been living based on this perception you are trying to maintain about yourself?

Something I tell my son before I lay him down to bed each night is; stay true to yourself and always be yourself. You are the only you. I am proud of you.

Our true nature is to have joy and to be happy; it’s the kid in us. It’s just that along the way of growing older we become filled with ideas, beliefs, people, thoughts that don’t necessarily belong to us.

We’re influenced each and every day.

Tap into your inner-self and become more aware of you

When you are alone, do you enjoy who you are with?

Let go and be you. Always stay true to you. Make decisions for you. Don’t let other people’s chatter dictate who you are or who you want to become. Tweet this

Have you ever made a decision based on what someone might think about you?


About Eric Ungs

Eric Ungs writes about a journey of intentional self growth, nudging you to let go; to give yourself permission to be vulnerable and honest with yourself so you can give your best self to others. Author of 10 Incredible Ways to Live a Fulfilling and Joyful Life ebook.