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Confession: I’m In a Slump

I haven’t written in my journal for about a week and I haven’t committed to my 500 words each night.

I’m in a slump.

It’s cold and gray and it’s just a lot easier to come up with an excuse for why I shouldn’t do the work.

Today, I push through

I remember how it feels when I commit to the work. I get a glimpse of the feeling when I pour myself into this journey. It’s not the actual work that feels good, it’s the feeling when I push through the resistance, having intense focus and finishing.

Tiny Moments of Gratitude

Journaling is a habit that I am working to form consistently. A habit that becomes woven into my daily existence.

There’s this shift that occurs inside of you the moment your pen hits the paper or your fingers start poking at a keyboard. It’s a moment in which your ability to process your thoughts becomes clearer.

Journaling clears your mind leaving space to pursue things with more focus and tenacity

Why I Write and Why You Should Start

Writing is the action that supports my commitment of intentional self growth.

In order for change to occur, there needs to be a trigger that goes off inside of you. The will and desire to change has to surface.

My personal discovery was a simple shift in mindset. Being able to see my current situations through a different, more positive, lens and learning how to be fully present in the moment.

A shift in mindset is the foundation to self growth and change. Tweet this