Coming of Age

Growing up we’re put in this system where we are told not to crash into the walls too hard. Don’t disrupt anything that lies within the confines of what the system has in place.

Coming of age is the realization of what the system actually is.

Prior, we simply just live in it, led to believe this is how we are supposed to live our lives. We become numb to anything that might pronounce our deepest truth.

Coming of age is when rebellion strikes.

Being rebellious is going against what the greater society is doing. Better put, it’s standing up for you and your Being and pointing at the face of the system.

Blaming the system, not for the deprivation it’s caused the rebellious their entire life, but for creating a divide between what we are meant to do versus what we are told and should do.

We then must accept what is in order to move to our true self.

Our primary purpose is to connect, through our truth, with the wholeness of the world. To live each day through our destiny leaving behind, what becomes, our legacy. To give and serve something much larger than just ourselves.

It’s to evoke kinship.

But yet, the system does the opposite. It pulls us apart. We are driving ourselves away from the things and people we are meant to connect with.

This is the paradox.

We are rebelling against the artificial in order to get back to what’s real, our truth. Tweet this

Rebellion is associated with misbehaving, or resisting convention. So it’s safe to say we are misbehaving to get back to behaving the way we were meant to behave.

Everyone comes into this world as part of the wholeness, with a sense of connection to that wholeness. As we grow and consume the external it influences who we think we should be.

The distinction between who we should be and who we are (meant to be), becomes blurred. It adds artificial layers around our truth in order to align with the system’s box.

But then, at some point in time in our life, we come of age. Coming of age is the realization of our greater truth.

For some it’s early, for others it’s late, often times it’s on our deathbed — the fear I sit with today.

Are you living the life you wish, or are meant, to live? Share in the comments.

Photo Credit: Lotus Carroll

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