Engagement vs Entertainment

The In-Between moments are what define, and makeup, your life.

The in-between moments are the moments where you are waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store, the moments where you are waiting for (or rushing to) that next big promotion, or the moments where you are waiting to find that true passion you know you have to be able to live out your life’s mission.

These moments, these small in-between moments, are the words that write your story, they are the experiences that you will forever cherish and they are the legacy that you’ll leave behind.

When you grasp the impact the in-between moments have on your life, it’s then a matter of embracing those moments. Tweet this

Not falling victim to the boredom trap and feeling the need to rely on a fun, quick-fix distraction, piece of entertainment.

This is the double edged sword of technology

I’m sure you’ll recognize these scenarios; the scenario where you’re out to dinner and look around and notice people aren’t actually talking with each other, instead they are heads down in their iPhones.

Or the scenario when standing in line and you can only see the tops of everyone’s head as they are face down glued to the screens of their smartphone.

We now have instant accessibility to the web regardless of where we are. This is a phenomenal evolution of our existence, the world is truly connected; but it’s also the curse to the very nature of how humans need to communicate.

The instant we feel a sense of boredom (usually during those in-between moments) or the urge to check our phone, we simply do. We scour our Twitter feeds for a sea of entertaining content or check our latest Facebook post to see how many people have Liked it.

The curse of technology is that it dilutes the level of true engagement with the present moment. Tweet this

Embrace the in-between moments

Prior to reading Jeff Goins book (also check out his other book and follow him on Twitter) I was constantly checking my phone while spending time with my son.

I wasn’t seeing the big picture. I couldn’t grasp that I needed to take a step back and see how these precious moments are the exact experiences that will define who I am. More importantly, these are the very moments that will define who he is and who he will become.

That is the reality shocker. These small moments are the exact moments where my son is watching and learning from me most. I am the teacher regardless of what it is I am doing and saying.

This has been my experience—an army of me’s

The beautiful thing about committing to an intentional path is that if feels like there’s an army of you’s inside of you; keeping a look out for the things that may distract you from the present moment.

Since I’ve chosen and committed to this path of continuous self growth I am now quickly able to recognize the things that want to hold me back from being one with the present moment.

The next step is crucial. Now that I have recognized that there is something wanting to keep me from being one with the present moment, I have to make a choice.

I have to either choose to surrender to the distraction and fall victim to it, or I can choose to accept that the thought occurred and then simply process it, get it out of my mind and surrender to the present moment.

This all happens in a matter of seconds; you recognize it and you have to choose. The choice is yours to make.

Since jumping into this journey I go through this process all the time and I most times (not always, I sometimes fall victim to the distractions) choose to eliminate the distraction so I can live purely in the moment.

I never used to have this sense or ability, I mean, I did, I just didn’t flex that muscle or even exercise it. I was engaged, but rarely was I engaged deeply enough to fully grasp what the present moment had to offer.

I can honestly say this will change your life

Your experiences become richer; your relationships become deeper; you feel a sense of rejuvenation; you’re lighter and happier; you’ll begin to notice things.

When you surrender to the moment you are simply enjoying the very moments that make up your life in the purest form. Tweet this

I am a technology person. It has changed our lives, it’s changed my life. I use it on a daily basis. It’s what I do for a living.

What I want you to do is simply be more aware of your surroundings. Don’t completely eliminate the accessibility of mobile technology; just be more aware and have discipline.

Don’t miss the beautiful life that is happening around you because your face is buried in your news feed. That will always be there, the present moment comes and then it’s gone.

Enjoy. Live. Surrender to the present moment. Embrace the in-between moments. Engage with the now. Tweet this

Have you ever been out to dinner (or anywhere for that matter) and looked around to realize that people weren’t engaged with each other, but instead with their devices?

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About Eric Ungs

Eric Ungs writes about a journey of intentional self growth, nudging you to let go; to give yourself permission to be vulnerable and honest with yourself so you can give your best self to others. Author of 10 Incredible Ways to Live a Fulfilling and Joyful Life ebook.


  1. I observe this lack of engagement recently. It seems that technology had turned into a filler for the void we call time. When nothing happens, people go to their devices to fill their time.

    But most of them, what they are doing with their devices are just that – fillers – and never beneficial.

    Thanks for the reminders, Eric.

    1. I love this -> “it seems that technology had turned into a filler for the void we call time.” It’s so spot on. Thanks for reading Wan!

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