I am Flawed

Four months ago I stumbled across Joshua Becker’s post titled The Freedom of Authenticity (And 7 of My Biggest Flaws). Upon reading it I felt a connection of deep truth; his, and my own. A truth within me, of my greatest flaws, and a sense of belonging; that it was okay to share.

My fears of perceptions got in the way of voicing my truth

Part of this journey of self growth is being honest with yourself and with others. It’s being vulnerable to the core of how you feel, not how you think you feel, but allowing your feelings to speak through the written word; without judgement.

This journey of intentional self growth is about letting go. But that doesn’t make it any easier to share.

We allow ourselves to be vulnerable

We choose to express and release our true feelings. We are open and honest with ourselves. We confront our own weaknesses and flaws. We find ways to fix them. We love the process of fixing our flaws. — excerpt from The Unless You Care Manifesto

This is the process; waking up each day putting forth the actions to be a better version of yourself than the day before.

Small consistent actions, overtime, will move mountains.

Here are six of my greatest flaws:

I waste time

There are only so many hours in a day, days in a week, but yet, I let time slip by; sometimes hours at a time, maybe days. I waste time when I am overwhelmed in knowing all the things I should be doing to continue moving forward in this journey, instead I do nothing.

I surf the web, read blog posts, scour Twitter. I do everything to prevent me from being productive, in making a difference in my body of work. I wave the white flag to resistance and let her win far too often.

I’m learning to fix this through small consistent actions; it’s a work in progress.

I get jealous

When hearing stories of new opportunities, major accomplishments and successes from those close to me, a state of jealousy takes over.

It’s an immediate reaction I know is wrong, I should be, and wholeheartedly want to be, applauding them. It almost feels like a threat to my own self-esteem. I wonder why I haven’t achieved the same kind of success.

No matter how many times I congratulate them the feeling of envy resides. It’s only moments later when I take notice of how I am feeling, that I’m able to shake the jealousy.

I’m learning to fix this through small consistent actions; it’s a work in progress.

I compare

When I look at those who I aspire to be, I compare myself to them and wonder why I’m not there.

I have always compared myself to others; starting from my youth to the present day. It’s an instinct, an old habit, that takes constant reflection in correcting.

The depth in which I feel the need to compare myself to others has slowed down because of the reflection process I’ve put into practice, but the initial feeling still surfaces.

I’m learning to fix this through small consistent actions; it’s a work in progress.

I lack effort in relationships

Relationships are one of our greatest assets and something we as humans yearn for, we need connection, but yet, I lack the effort in deepening and strengthening those connections.

It’s something I’ve been paying attention to lately, partly because of the people I surround myself with. The effort they put into each of their relationships is something I admire.

They treat each relationship as if it’s the only one that matters, as if it’s the only one that exists. It’s a muscle that I continue to exercise; though currently, is weak.

I’m learning to fix this through small consistent actions; it’s a work in progress.

I judge people

This is the fault of mine that I am most ashamed of. I judge the book by its cover.

People are so fascinating, but yet, my initial reaction is to place them in this narrative based on how they appear and how I perceive them.

It swarms me, and up until committing to this journey, it stuck around for far too long.

I’m learning to fix this through small consistent actions; it’s a work in progress.

I mold and protect my image

I have withheld the truth far too many times because of how I might be perceived, both in the physical world as well as online. I share things online that I know will be well received, I share the things on how I want to be perceived.

This journey has shifted this, my truth has become more exposed, but up until recently, to only a corner of the web. My writing has allowed me to be more honest with both myself and others.

It’s resulted in me loosening my grips on the image I have and focusing more on who I am; the truth.

I’m learning to fix this through small consistent actions; it’s a work in progress.

I am a work in progress

We are all works in progress. The one constant in our life is change. Tweet this

The moment in which we can confront and accept our flaws, voice them, and become intentional about the process of fixing our flaws, is the moment we begin to influence the change we desire to see.

Change is constant, who we become can be influenced. It’s a choice we have.

This is the process I have chosen and committed to, it’s the journey that we have committed to traveling.

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