Letting Go to Spontaneity

Letting go to the spontaneity of the moment.

It’s a phrase I reference quite often here. It’s something that I’ve always thought about, randomly.

A wonderful evening out with friends and family would happen when we didn’t have any plans and did things on a whim. We let the spontaneity of that moment carry us through to the next moment.

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Planning, checklists, they’re all great. They are essential, but only at certain times and when used sparingly. Living does not require a list.

An unexpected change of plans.

The other night I wanted to mow lawn. My wife had her own agenda of cleaning the house. So that left Brody, my son, on his own, but, I had agreed to hang with him.

The now broken plans I had been envisioning myself doing that evening led me straight to the bad wolf. Frustrations swooped in and feeling of a tiny fury began to form at the pit of my stomach.

All I wanted to do was mow lawn before the rain started. My head chatter became a swearing and complaining session. I started to go off on tangents. I was feeding it.

But then something happened that my old self wouldn’t have recognized. I immediately became aware of how I was feeling.

The frustration at the pit of my stomach was still bubbling, but I was completely in sight of it. This awareness gave me the space to change it. It gave me an opportunity to make the choice to accept what was actually happening.

The reality was now this; I wasn’t going to mow lawn, instead, I get to hang out with my son.

In my previous life, after hours of the initial conflict and change of plans, I’d still be having the fury of frustration sitting in the pit of my stomach.

Having awareness leads to those spontaneous moments.

Letting go of this frustration led to a wonderful and complete joyful night having fun with my son and his friends.

We were in the yard wrestling. I was the giant putting them into my lair. I was the giant lofting “bombs away” into their tree fort.

For two hours, completely surrendered to the moment, the inner child within me was released. Laughter was had, joy was felt.

All of this was in place because of the intentional work, exercising the mindfulness, I’ve been doing for the past two years.

Preparation is key. Continuous preparation is key. Continuous preparation during the rough times, and more importantly, during the great times, is key.

In my previous life, starting the night how I started it that night, in complete frustration, would not have led to such a fun evening. I wouldn’t have allowed it.

I would have subconsciously made the decision, without even knowing it, not to accept what is and continue to feed that bad wolf, frustration, for the duration of the evening.

Wow, how much of a beautiful life is lost because of this.

How many moments in my previous life did I miss because I kept stroking the ego and feeding off of my head chatter?

Instead, now in my current life, the space between stimulus and response has widened. Awareness is present. I am present.

Photo Credit: Lotus Carroll

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