Life’s One True Purpose

Do we all have just one purpose in life? Or is it more of finding your purpose as it relates to the season you are in? Or maybe to the things that you put forth your energy?

This is such a mythical question. What’s your purpose in life? Or, for those that are lost asking themselves; How do I find my life’s purpose?

If we’ve truly found a purpose, how do we know that it’s the actual purpose that’s been laid out for us? How do we know that this thing, the purpose I am living each and every day, is the exact purpose of my life?

The answer is, we don’t.

Therefore, it comes back to the original question, do we all have just one purpose in life? I’m beginning to think that the purpose for each and every one of us is the same and it is just one thing.

Your life’s purpose is to be your true self and to always feel the way you desire to feel.

The thing is, when we wake up each day putting forth our most authentic and truest form of ourselves out into the world, this is our purpose. This is what we were meant to be. In fact, this is the foundation that leads us to what we all think is our purpose.

Our purpose in life is living as close to our truest self each and every day. That, in and of itself, is a hefty purpose. But, it’s only the foundation. When you live from this foundation the choices you make change, the lens in which you see your world and the world around you change.

You begin to say no to the things that don’t matter and yes to the things that do. You put your energy into the things that make you feel the way you want to feel.

You see, maybe you thought writing a book was your life’s purpose or starting that nonprofit to feed the hungry. In actuality, those are the by-products of your life’s purpose.

Your life’s purpose is to be you. To always be you. The truest version of you. Tweet this

A you that makes every choice with your happiness and joy and fulfillment in mind. A you, that no matter what, isn’t shy to be you, or afraid.

Living your life’s purpose leads you to do things like, write a book or start a nonprofit. How we historically thought of life’s purpose was by the things we do, there are many things that feed from our life’s purpose.

Those things are the by-product of our life’s purpose. Those things define our mission or vocation, the actual work and service we give to others.

Your life’s purpose is to be your truest self, always.

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About Eric Ungs

Eric Ungs writes about a journey of intentional self growth, nudging you to let go; to give yourself permission to be vulnerable and honest with yourself so you can give your best self to others. Author of 10 Incredible Ways to Live a Fulfilling and Joyful Life ebook.


  1. Kathy

    Hi Eric, I love this post. I believe you are right 100%, our purpose is to be our truest self. The difficult part is to stay that true person in the face of, fear ….fear of not being liked, fear of thinking you always need MORE…You have to love yourself enough to be yourself because there are a lot of challenges that will cause us to veer off course if that foundation of self-love is not there.

    1. Eric Ungs

      Agree wholeheartedly. That is the message of the Unless You Care project. In order to genuinely give your best and truest self to the world, you have to take care of yourself first. Thanks so much for the comment.

  2. Yes, in many ways “home” is about being yourself, and that is life’s journey and purest challenge: learning who we are and living in a way that expresses that. It’s not always easy, and by no means perfect, and there is not a right or wrong answer. It is a kind of exploration, an approach to life. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

  3. Ems

    So then to be a true and honest version of ourselves we must find out who we are. I guess I need to ask myself that question. Who am I? I wonder what makes me who I am? And would I be a true versio of myself without the things I am afraid of? So really I should ask myself who I am if there was no fear.

    1. Eric Ungs

      I think that’s the challenge, yes. To not only find out who you are beneath the layers of facade that have formed over the years, but to actually be that person. I think it’s a quest we are all intended to do and be on. To step back even further from the question, Who am I? try answering, or going on a quest to answer, How do I want to feel? Then start doing the things that make you feel that way. This is the path to your true self.

  4. Bill MacDonald

    Love this Eric!

    Thanks for sharing!!

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