UYC Manifesto Full Preview

Take care of yourself first. Connect within; spiritually, emotionally and physically. Make a difference. Be vulnerable. Confront weaknesses and flaws. Put pen to paper and write. Journal. Don’t think, feel. Embrace the wait. The in-between moments. Slow down. Be present and notice things. Be grateful. Take nothing for granted. Don’t worry or stress about trivial things or what’s beyond your control. Acknowledge your gratitudes; daily. Say no. Say yes to things that matter. Live the story you want to write. Be your true self. The world deserves it. Smile. Laugh. Don’t lose the kid in your. Live spontaneously. Choose happiness. Be mindful. Do the work. The reward is in the doing. Dream. Create. Inspire. Do less proving and more living. Commit. Invite others in. Push through fear and resistance. Embrace the journey. Trust the process. Its pain is your growth. Anything that is ever good is never easy. Be your most authentic self. Feel the way you want the destination to feel. Lead a life of intentional self growth. Unless You Care.


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