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Taking care of yourself first is a critical part of living a life you love. This Manifesto is a collection of small reminders that impact your self growth journey in many ways. It’s designed for personal change.

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UYC Manifesto – white
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The story behind the Manifesto.

This is an accidental Manifesto found traveling a journey of intentional self growth. Several years ago I was in a dark place, so I made a vow to take care of myself first so I could truly give my best self to others. More importantly, to feel the way I want to feel.
Traveling this journey has provided me with insights into what living a life I love looks and feels like. These small discoveries have made an enormous impact on my life and its rippled outward. I hope these words serve you as well as they’ve served me.

—Eric Ungs, UYC Founder

Process, deconstructed.

Each line is a tried and tested element of the self growth journey. They come together to help us remember what it means to slow down, feel the way we want to feel and to be our authentic selves.

UYC Message:

Take care of yourself first to give your best self to others. Live an intentional life.

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“Your insights are brilliant and provide immense support for me. Your manifesto is simply great – minimalistic, concise and easy to understand.”

— Unless You Care Reader