Flex Your Mindfulness Muscle

You can’t control what comes up in your head.

In turn, we end up judging ourselves, harshly, which ultimately transcends into how we act.

All of this stemming from a mysterious fictional void. We take something that’s not real and allow it to make decisions on our behalf; decisions on how we act, how we present ourselves and who we become.

Again, we can’t control what comes up in our head. What we can control is how we handle it.

I used to live in this mysterious void of a voice.

I allowed it to be my compass.

It still does, but because of this journey I have committed to I am more aware of my actions in knowing when to respond instead of reacting.

This mysterious compass guides me only when I let my guard down, when I am not being mindful of my thoughts and actions or when I am not instilling the intentional actions that support my commitment to self growth.

Like anything else, mindfulness is a skill.

When you’re not practicing regularly you get caught on your heels. You lose your balance and make errors.  You begin to carry out the actions that this mysterious place is telling you to do.

The intentional actions that support your self growth are the exercises to mindfulness.

It exercises your mindfulness muscle. It conditions it for when you need it. You then become prepared and more ware of the present moment. When game time situations arise, this is how you respond instead of react.

The key; practice.

It’s a skill that takes constant development. It’s a skill that can always get better. It’s a skill that will only get better with practice.

There’s this natural space between stimulus and response; it’s quite small, in fact, it goes unseen when we’re not fully aware of the moment or practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness doesn’t magically solve the problems, it’s meant to position you to handle them better by creating space between stimulus and response. —10% Happier Tweet this

The more you practice mindfulness the more that space widens. Be intentional.

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About Eric Ungs

Eric Ungs writes about a journey of intentional self growth, nudging you to let go; to give yourself permission to be vulnerable and honest with yourself so you can give your best self to others. Author of 10 Incredible Ways to Live a Fulfilling and Joyful Life ebook.


  1. David Janeba

    Hi Eric,
    First of all I would like to thank you for what you are doing. Your insights are brilliant and provide immense support for me. Your manifesto is simply great – minimalistic, concise and easy to understand. This post is the first one I am not completely convinced of. I am a very intuitive kind of person. It really works for me. Whenever I stop following my instincts I often do wrong decisions. Moreover whenever I tried to suppress it in the past, it made me feel miserable. It doesn’t mean that I do anything that comes to my mind without considering it. There are higher systems above supervising my decisions. But I do follow my heart as my inner voice is my best advisor. Even things that seem unrealistic or crazy at first, suddenly make sense when start realizing them. Therefore at least for me it’s more important to listen to myself carefully as this is really my true me.

    1. Eric Ungs

      Hey David… thanks so much for the kind words. I do agree with you, you must listen to yourself carefully. But, we all have two wolves, the egotistic selfish wolf and the gentle hearted, do-good, wolf. They are both hungry vowing for your attention, the question is, which one are you going to feed. In other words, which voice are you going to listen to. Mindfulness widens the space from the initial stimulus to your response, giving you time to choose which wolf you are going to feed. I hope that makes sense. Maybe we’re saying/thinking similar things? 🙂 Either way, I so appreciate you stopping by David. Chat soon.


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