Quotes about Intentional Self Growth

Quotes provide words, to gain perspective, or a glimpse, into your own life. They have meanings, sometimes different and different point in times of our journey. Here are quotes on intentional living and self growth that you’ll find throughout the Unless You Care Project.

Coming of Age

We are rebelling against the artificial in order to get back to what’s real, our truth. Tweet this

Letting Go to Spontaneity

The best moments in life are usually random and unplanned. Tweet this

The Depth of Marriage

The thing that’s so beautiful about the evolution of a relationship is the opportunity to continually fall in love with one another. Tweet this

Anything that is ever good is never easy. Tweet this

A Fear for My Son

The best teaching moments happen during those imperfect moments of vulnerability and honesty. Tweet this

Four Agreements

One fear or doubt in our mind can create an endless drama of events. Tweet this

Don’t take anything personally, because when you take things personally you set yourself up to suffer for nothing. Tweet this

Doing your best leaves no room for regrets. Tweet this

Never Be the Same Again

The pursuit is no longer about arriving to a destination, but rather, the very pursuit itself; it’s embracing the journey. Tweet this

Accept What is

Resisting unhappiness creates further suffering. It strengthens the ego. Tweet this

The ego’s main purpose is to blur your vision for which reality is reality. Tweet this

Fifty-Four Hours

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to grow an idea. So invite them in. Tweet this

Resistance is Winning

The flow of writing disentangles the very thoughts that lacked clarity in the mind. Tweet this

The Atmosphere of Growth

Happiness doesn’t come from goal attainment, but rather, growth; the process in which we strive towards goals. Tweet this

The thing to remember is that happiness is a by-product, not the product. Tweet this

It’s the process of self growth. It’s not the process of happiness. Tweet this

Pushing Through the Dip

If you want to change others, or the environment around you, you need to change. Tweet this

This voice is an asshole, but yet, we let it serve as our compass. Tweet this

Positive thinking alone won’t push you through the dip, it must be coupled with intentional action and change. Tweet this


Daring Greatly

Fear prevents us from acting. It prevents us from living. Tweet this

Anything that is ever good is never easy. Tweet this

Just Listen

Actions always speak louder than words. Don’t preach, just be. Tweet this

By listening, and not preaching, that person will be more accepting to listen to your actions.Tweet this

Lean Into It

Starting, putting in the work and failing is a successful failure. Not starting at all is the failure that hurts. The feeling of being unfinished or empty. The feeling that our life’s work is still within us, held privately. Tweet this

Calming Your Head Chatter

Unfortunately, the story you tell yourself through continuous head chatter creates the reality in which you experience. Tweet this

Stress isn’t something we should learn to maintain or control, it’s merely an unequipped reaction to something deeper. Confront the deeper. Tweet this

Eliminating stress is a by product of confronting and owning the source of such head chatter.Tweet this

Lack of Integrity

When one side changes, the relationship at its entirety changes. It either depletes or evolves.Tweet this

The more we can present a holistic self integration into the environments we work and play, all areas of self, of life, will become more abundant. Tweet this

Become More Present

Distractions are all around us. We fixate on the past and the future at the expense of the present. Tweet this

Too often we go through life numbing ourselves of the present moment because we’ve for so long suppressed our true selves. Tweet this

Release Your Inner Ramblings

The longer I let it sit and the more I try to suppress it, the more certain it is to fester and morph into something that it’s not. Tweet this

Writing allows me to swim through the rushing waves of the surface to the calmness of the deep sea. Tweet this

From Exclusive Sunday Email Newsletters

When it comes to your job, it’s not, Are you ambitious? but rather, What are you ambitious for? Tweet this

Life is too short to be putting in endless amounts of effort towards something you aren’t emotionally invested in. Tweet this

I gave up too quickly because my ambitions were outside of who I really was. Tweet this

It’s only a job if you treat it that way. You are much more than a set of responsibilities. Tweet this

My emotional struggle was becoming my family’s struggle. I had to do something. Tweet this

Purposeless Play

Whatever it is that opens the front door to letting the child within you run out joyously ready to play, do it. Tweet this

The Foundation to Selflessness

The pursuit of selflessness starts with being selfish. Tweet this

I am Flawed

I’m learning to fix this through small consistent actions; it’s a work in progress. Tweet this

A little known Secret for Intentional Self Growth

When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we open the door for self growth. Tweet this

Confront your weaknesses. If there’s something about you that you want to change, it’s up to YOU to change. Be vulnerable to your own self and be intentional.

The Map to Meaningful Work

Find ways to make it your own and find ways to brand yourself as you. Be indispensable. Be you that makes up your position and work. Don’t let the position make up you. Tweet this

Don’t live anybody else’s should’s (you should do this, you should do that). Live on your own path using your own map.

Realize This Upon Wanting to Change

If you want to take care of, and care for, others you need to take care of yourself first. Tweet this

In fact, when you take care of yourself first, everything and everyone that makes up your surroundings becomes enhanced. Tweet this

Be selfish. Take time for yourself to discover more of you. Take those findings and be intentional about your growth throughout each day.

The Journey Is The Destination

We should never strive to reach a destination for who we want to be. Tweet this

Wake up each and every single day striving to be a better version of yourself than you were the day before.

Your Life Plan: What Everybody Ought to Know

The unexpected moments are what shape our lives, both the good and the bad, and all of those in between. Tweet this

We need to allow room for that reinvention and experience the change without limiting ourselves to a plan. Tweet this

Be spontaneous. Try and do new things. Love. Trust. Get uncomfortable. Live purely for the moment that is right now. Aspire.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Saying Yes

Your time is the utmost valuable resource you have. Choose wisely. Tweet this

It’s not about being involved with everything, but rather involving yourself with the right things. Tweet this

Learn to say no. Focus on the now. Commit purely. Listen to your heart. Feel good. Surround yourself with those who you want to become.

You Get What You Expect—Or Do You?

You get what you expect when you least expect it. Tweet this

Focus on the right things. Do the work. Live in the grind. Always see through a positive lens. Have perspective.

19 Things I learned in 2013

It’s in those valleys of tough and uncomfortable moments that we can truly grow. Tweet this

Approach 2014 wanting to be a better version of yourself. Commit to an intentional path. Discover the things that make you happy. Reinvent. Grow. The best is yet to come.

Why I Write and Why You Should Start

A shift in mindset is the foundation to self growth and change. Tweet this

Write. Be intentional. Do it with purpose. Discover more of who you are and who you want to become. Be honest with yourself. Your story is worth sharing.

Tiny Moments of Gratitude

If you choose an intentional path, you have to trust the pain you expose and reflect on from writing in your journal will lead to a path of growth. Tweet this

Live in the moment. Surrender to life’s small and intimate exchanges. Cherish. Be grateful; write them down.

Engagement vs Entertainment

When you grasp the impact the in-between moments have on your life, it’s then a matter of embracing those moments. Tweet this

When you surrender to the moment you are simply enjoying the very moments that make up your life in the purest form. Tweet this

Enjoy. Live. Surrender to the present moment. Embrace the in-between moments. Engage with the now.

Confession: I’m In a Slump

I remember that I don’t necessarily love the work, but I don’t like the way I feel if I don’t do the work more. Tweet this

You can build up the courage and start, but growth only happens when you travel the journey, not just when leaving the starting line. Tweet this

Remember the feeling you get when you put in the work and commit. Find that place; live there. Push through your fears and resistance. Be intentional.

4 Ways To Kickstart A Great Day

Mornings serve as the foundation to your day, how you approach it matters. Tweet this

It’s a mindset you choose and habits you instill that make the difference. Tweet this

Wake up before everyone else. Read. Discover. Reflect. Be intentional about your mornings. Find your morning habits. They set the tone for your day.

Find Your Place To Communicate

The resistance is always paying attention. It’s waiting for one of you to slack off and forget about the work. Tweet this

Communicate. Be vulnerable. Find your place to connect. Change and reinvent, together. The best is yet to come.

Understand Four Dialects to Garner Deeper Relationships

Part of this journey is looking inward to one self, but with equal importance, looking externally to your surroundings. Tweet this

Give yourself to others. Reflect. Become more mindful of dialect cues. Be intentional. Take action.

5 Ways To Go From Reacting to Responding

The valleys are where we learn the most, it’s that moment in which we begin to trek upward we begin to see change. Tweet this

Respond don’t react. Reflect on the deeper issues. Be intentional about your actions and self growth.

Give Yourself Permission

The truth of the matter is that we all are vulnerable. It’s what we decide to do with that vulnerability that makes the difference. Tweet this

Don’t wait until you are ready to begin. You’ll never be ready, nobody ever is. Tweet this 

5 Life-Changing Lessons I’ve Learned from Self-Care

It’s the small consistent moments, actions and thoughts that make the big picture difference. Tweet this

All of the good that we desire to feel is connected—and it starts with self-care. Tweet this

Pathway for Connection

It’s never about you, it’s about what you are able to give to others when you are your best self. Tweet this

Make the choice to connect with yourself on a daily and consistent basis; through reading, reflection, writing; or whatever it is that provides a pathway for connection.Tweet this

Conflict Resolution

Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about something much larger than you. Tweet this

Surrender to the conflict for the purpose of the greater good. Tweet this

Self Simplicity

Through self simplicity you will lead an abundant life. Capture the beauty of simplicity. Tweet this

Self simplicity keeps us focused on the things that are most important to us. The things we value most. It prevents us from seeking and forces us to just be, in the moment, living.

Calming the Frenzy

Part of committing to this journey of intentional self growth is forming habits and actions during the good times, so they can be utilized during the difficult or cloudy times.

Growth happens in the valleys of our travels only as a result of the intentional actions we instill when on the hilltops. Tweet this


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