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Rising Strong by Brene Brown

Rising Strong by Brene Brown — Upon finishing a book, I’m giving myself a homework assignment to complete a book report. This allows me to consume the book from a different lens and mindset while forcing myself to reflect on what I’ve just read as a whole. 

Brene Brown seems to write exactly what I’m feeling in a way I can understand. They are a-ha moments of self-discovery. The underlining truth to all of this is that it’s pretty simple, but yet the most difficult as we are our biggest obstacle.

I feel the words written between the covers of Rising Strong are all the things that we as humans fundamentally know, but at the same time we don’t because of the masks and facades we create to cover them.

At a certain point in our lives we seem to disconnect from this truth. The truth of who we are. The truth of our stories, the falls, the laying face down in the arena while everyone watches.

What It Means to Be a Father

What it means to be a father — how does that look?

This is a question I seem to ask myself every single day. Every time I see my son and daughter. It’s a question that keeps me up at night. It’s one of the biggest fears I have; not knowing the answers and not being the father they deserve.

I’m new to this. I’m only three years old as a father. But, I learn every single day, small snippets here and there. Over time they accumulate. Right, wrong or indifferent I’m gathering the components of what I think creates a father my children deserve.

The Secret to Giving Advice

We have this innate pressure from within to try and fix everything. As if we always have the answers on how to heal other people’s pain and misery.

We sit across from them spewing out words of advice trying to nudge them towards the light. To begin their trek towards happiness once again.

Maybe it’s not what we intend to do, but sitting their knowing they are in a dark place, there might be a void. A space of stillness and silence. Not knowing what to do we try and fill it.

A Fear for My Son

I am a father of a four year old boy (and a one year old daughter). My biggest fear for him is that he will not become successful.

Not in the sense of how society has coined the word, but in the sense of being a human being. Living a happy, joyful and healthy life.

My fear is that I am not paving a path or laying a foundation for him to live and be his authentic self, regardless of his surroundings. This, for me, is the definition of success. To be human, how we were intended to be.