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Your Life Plan — What Everybody Ought to Know

This post serves as a collection of thoughts as I reflect on creating my own life plan and thinking about where I see myself five, ten or even fifteen years from now.

Is creating a life plan necessary?

I don’t have a life plan, nor do I intend to write one (well…for now).

Should we really be living our lives according to a plan? The plans that we have always envisioned for ourselves and how we should live them. A plan in which we outline that dictates our life and daily decisions.

The Journey Is The Destination

This quote, this post, this one simple line sums it up so beautifully.

“The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.”

Danielle LaPorte

This is so spot on.

When thinking about personal development and intentional self growth, the journey truly does have to feel the way you want the destination to feel.

Because the journey itself is the destination

Think about this, with self growth (improvement), there can be no destination, the journey itself is the destination.