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Think Differently About Work

Work. Monday through Friday. Getting up in the morning. Heading to a state of mind that wants to hurriedly get through the day’s tasks. Paying attention to the clock, constantly. Five o’clock strikes. Finally we can start the day we actually want to live.

That’s balancing work and life.

As this is a typical mindset for a lot of us, stepping back and thinking about the picture that was just painted is disgraceful. What’s essential to understand is that the work you do—whether you find joy in it or not—is your life.

3 Essential Self Growth Books to Add to Your Nightstand

Reading is something that has become part of who I am.

That never used to be the case.

My sister was an avid reader all through childhood and into her adulthood. I on the other hand, was not. I can remember only reading a couple of books cover to cover. Towards the end of college is when I really began to fall in love with reading.

It took a couple of years reading different genres to find what spoke to me most; memoirs, autobiographies, biographies. This is what captured my attention and interest; people’s stories.