Tiny Moments of Gratitude

Journaling is a habit that I am working to form consistently. A habit that becomes woven into my daily existence.

There’s this shift that occurs inside of you the moment your pen hits the paper or your fingers start poking at a keyboard. It’s a moment in which your ability to process your thoughts becomes clearer.

Journaling clears your mind leaving space to pursue things with more focus and tenacity

It allows time for reflection. It’s a space to think. It provides a springboard for doing. It provides you an opportunity to see things from new perspectives.

The approach you take to journaling must have an intentional mindset. You have to want to seek your darkest corners. The corners that seldomly, if ever, become exposed otherwise.

You have to want to feel the pain, and reality, of those darkest corners. You have to be honest with yourself about who you are and who you want to become.

If you choose an intentional path, you have to trust the pain you expose and reflect on from writing in your journal will lead to a path of growth. Tweet this

Journaling, at the same time, provides an outlet to express gratitude

Part of my daily journaling is reflecting on the things I am grateful for. This truly is anything and everything; the smallest of things to those of scale.

Gloves and hat on a cold day, hot water in the morning, a compliment you received from a friend, reading a book by the fire, etc. Most times, it’s those very things we take for granted each and every day.

Three things I am grateful for today

I want to share three things I am grateful for in which I reflected upon today:

I am grateful for each morning I get to wake up my son and immediately go downstairs to the living room, consume our morning dosage of Curious George, while simply cuddling for ten to fifteen minutes before breakfast.

I am grateful for the moments in the morning when walking down the stairs into the bright morning light, as I’m carrying my son, he burrows his head into the pit of my neck and shoulder trying to block the bright light as he wakes up.

I am grateful for the moments at the top of the steps each morning when I ask my son “Did you have a good night sleep?” and he responds with a quiet, overly enthusiastic, tiny squealing pitch, still trying to wake-up voice, happily saying, “yeeah!”

Gosh I love those moments.

It’s those little things, those tiny moments, those quick and intimate exchanges that I will hold onto forever. It’s the moments I look forward to each and every morning. It’s the perfect start to my day.

These moments are the kind of moments that define our lives. They are the exact kind of moments we travel with throughout life’s journey. They are the moments we cherish forever.

These are the moments I am forever grateful for.

Live in the moment. Surrender to life’s small and intimate exchanges. Cherish. Be grateful; write them down. Tweet this

What are some moments in your life that you are forever grateful for? Those small moments you will forever cherish?


P.s. The post image is by jilljustusphotography – the description to this image details those moments in which we carry through our lives.

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