Self Growth—So What’s Next?

We believed a lie. We’ve been told life is about us. That if we work hard enough, save enough money, and buy enough stuff, we will eventually be happy. Many of us have done just that, and we are anything but happy. Now, like my friend Jimmy, we are left wondering what to believe. We know something is missing, we just don’t know what it is.

Jeff Goins, Wrecked

Up until the self realization I experienced about six months ago, while reading Jeff Goins most recent book The In-Between, I believed that living life this way would eventually lead me to happiness.

It was my motivation to work even harder for that promotion or higher paying job. Then onto buying a nice house and a bunch of stuff.

I was chasing false hopes

I soon realized I was sacrificing my most precious moments, the present moments, in hopes my happiness would surface in the future.

As I experienced this flip-of-a-switch realization my soul has forever changed. My mindset has completely shifted, the lens in which I see things is different; I’ve changed. I have gained perspective.

Since this realization and commitment to taking this journey of intentional self growth I finally feel like I’ve cracked the outer shell that’s been keeping me hidden all this time.

I feel lighter, I feel free and I feel more genuine and committed to the present moments. By surrendering to the now, it has made the waiting so much more fulfilling.

So what’s next?

As I reflect I can’t help but think there is still something missing. Something much greater than just myself. This is part of the journey, right? Always growing, always discovering, always giving.

I feel like the initial self epiphany was simply laying the platform to greater self discovery. Like it was the gun firing off at the starting line to a race; this journey.

When I reflect on what the next turn will be I try to look for it up ahead.

But then I think, should I even be looking?

Instead, should I completely surrender to living in uncomfortable spaces and approach these spaces not for me, but for others? If I concentrate more on living uncomfortably the thing that’s missing will actually find me. I just need the mindset and lens to actually notice it.

If we truly want to grow, if we truly wannt to find that thing we are meant to do, that purpose much bigger than just ourselves, then we need to put ourselves in uncomfortable spaces for such growth, and discoveries, to occur.

Life is lived right in the midst of all this mess. Incidentally, that’s were mercy and the miraculous are found.

Jeff Goins, Wrecked

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Are you looking for deeper purpose or your calling? Have you found it? What was that journey like?


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Eric Ungs writes about a journey of intentional self growth, nudging you to let go; to give yourself permission to be vulnerable and honest with yourself so you can give your best self to others. Author of 10 Incredible Ways to Live a Fulfilling and Joyful Life ebook.