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Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. – William Wordsmith

Life seems to move pretty fast. Throw in an, almost, three year old boy, with one on the way, a yellow lab and all of the daily to-do’s and that leaves little time to communicate with your significant other.

Communication is the foundation to a deeply connected and rooted relationship.

When you have a family, a job, dinner, laundry, family outings, whatever it is, communication with your partner is typically the one thing that gets tossed to the side.

Two year’s ago my wife and I’s communication, which we’ve been so strong with in the past, took a beating. It began to suffer.

We were experiencing a period where stress was at an all time high for the both of us. Financial adversity was the fuel to a fire that spread throughout our entire relationship.

Instead of communicating our way through it, the majority of the time we kept it to ourselves. Even when we decided to communicate, we said just enough to one another to leave the other person chasing fictional thoughts down unnecessary rabbit holes.

And we increased the distance between us.

Aside from the excuses of not finding the time to honestly communicate with one another, most times we were deliberately dodging those opportunities knowing that the truth was going to hurt. It felt safer to avoid them. That went untold between the two of us.

Either way, it wasn’t a healthy season for us.

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