You Get What You Expect — Or Do You?

“You Get What You Expect”

I have this quote written on the backside of a business card that hangs on my monitor at work. I can’t remember exactly what caused me to write this down. It obviously struck a chord and moved me enough to do so.

Each morning I get into the office and I read these cards (I have several quotes on cards hanging on my monitor that I reference each morning). On this one particular morning I questioned the quote “You Get What You Expect”.

There’s something missing

When we expect something to happen we must continually work towards it as if it isn’t an expectation at all. We must just do, focusing entirely on the doing.

When we focus purely on the action, whether it’s physically or spiritually, the outcome (our expectation) will hit us when we least expect it.

In other words, when we are so concentrated on the action, we almost forget about the expectation in the first place, therefore, coming when we least expect it.

This reinforces us to think that we can’t just be granted our expectations or desired outcomes, we must do the work to achieve such results.

The quote should read

You get what you expect when you least expect it. Tweet this

Don’t spend time expecting it. Spend the time doing and focusing on the work to deserve it. Then and only then you will get what you expect.

For example: “I expect to have a great day today!” – Okay, but what am I going to do to influence my day to be great? There needs to be action to have such influence, physically and/or spiritually.

You can’t just expect it, you have to earn it.

When I first began my career, I was on a corporate path receiving promotions roughly two, sometimes three, times a year. Each time, it was always when I least expected it.

I never had the mindset of starting each day expecting a promotion or thinking I am due for (or deserve) a promotion.

Instead, I started each day focused on doing the work and doing it well. I wanted to be the best at it. I wanted to make a name for myself while doing it.

This is where I focused my energy, the work, not the expectation of being promoted, but the thing that was going to get me promoted.

In life you often get what you expect as referenced here by Michael Hyatt. The thing to keep in mind is expectations are met through action and focus.

Focus on the right things. Do the work. Live in the grind. Always see through a positive lens. Have perspective. Tweet this

What are some things that you expect today?


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