Letting Go to Spontaneity

Letting go to the spontaneity of the moment.

It’s a phrase I reference quite often here. It’s something that I’ve always thought about, randomly.

A wonderful evening out with friends and family would happen when we didn’t have any plans and did things on a whim. We let the spontaneity of that moment carry us through to the next moment.

The best moments in life are usually random and unplanned. Tweet this

Planning, checklists, they’re all great. They are essential, but only at certain times and when used sparingly. Living does not require a list.

Coming of Age

Growing up we’re put in this system where we are told not to crash into the walls too hard. Don’t disrupt anything that lies within the confines of what the system has in place.

Coming of age is the realization of what the system actually is.

Prior, we simply just live in it, led to believe this is how we are supposed to live our lives. We become numb to anything that might pronounce our deepest truth.

Imagining the Future

Agree or Disagree: Imagining the future can help you make decisions today?

I just came across this and found it rather interesting.

I grew up imagining the future. It looked a lot like the America Dream; or the system in which we enter as a young child.

School, good grades, graduating, getting a job, marriage, climbing the ranks at work, increase in salary, buying a home, having a family.

Resistance is Winning

Where there aren’t good boundaries, there isn’t creative “flow” and where there isn’t creative flow, there isn’t progress. — Brian Gardner (tweet this)

I’m in a writing rut. Not a, “I stare at a blank screen not knowing what to write writer’s block kind of way”, but rather a, “I’m not even putting my butt in the chair to write kind of rut”.

Writing has been the backbone of my growth.

It’s the foundation to traveling journey of bettering myself each and ever day. It’s the exercise that strengthens the mindfulness muscle and creates space between stimulus and response.

But yet, I’m not writing.